Meet the Herd


The current Prideful Goat was distilled and stored in barrels in the hills of Kentucky. This bourbon consists of 78.5% Corn, 13% Rye, 8.5% Malted Barley, aged for 15-Years in New American Oak Char #3.5. The brand was created and aimed directly at the fanatic consumer, esthetically as well as priced so aggressively, upon its first two releases we sold out of our entire supply at the retail level within 72 hours.


Our first Prideful Goat releases were a great example of an older, more mature Kentucky spirit without the puffery and insanely inflated pricing we see in the hobby today. We thought long and hard on what to do next and thus, The Prideful Goat Straight Rye Whiskey was born. This 6-Year 95% Rye from an all too familiar Indiana distillery is not new to the market. It is however another line in the sand as far as pricing is concerned. While whiskey used to be a lot more expensive, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to keep costs low and trying to maintain the most reasonable pricing in current and future releases on the market. The Prideful Goat Straight Rye Whiskey is a fantastic, reasonably priced straight rye whiskey that is meant to be shared amongst friends. Welcome to the herd, “Baby Goat.”


The 6-Year Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an unfiltered cask-strength whiskey blended in small 30-40 barrel batches. It is 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley. The mash bill is distilled and aged for a full 6 years in new American Oak. This is an unusually dark and robust bourbon with notes of Tobacco, Honey, and Heavily Charred Oak. It’s then bottled at full natural strength, directly from the cask so you can enjoy it at its full, unadulterated potential.